Things I shouldn’t know exist. | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff

Things I shouldn’t know exist. | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff.

As a follow-up to my last post, I want to give you an update and share this link.  The two are related, I promise.

So, first things first, I wanted to let you all know that I’m not a complete jerk who rails on something that somebody does that I don’t like, but then doesn’t tell them directly.  No, the person who wrote that Facebook comment that set me off the other day is fully aware of the fact that I disagree with her.  Her response: Oh, yeah, I agree with you about that.  But this was something personal.

What?  Am I to understand that what the Bible says and what happens in your life are unrelated?  That the two are separate entities that exist in parallel with no overlapping?  Or, is it that what the Bible has to say only matters when you are at church and the rest of the time you can do/think/say/be anything that you want to be?

Which leads me to the link above.  I could not agree more with this post.  I’ll let Jon Acuff take it from there.


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