Pulling the Weeds

So, I confess, I have not been that good about pulling the weeds this year as I should be.  I got the dandelions in the backyard pulled, but the front yard is full of them.  I would feel bad about it if my neighbors took care of their yards, but they don’t (or at least not to Smithfield standards).  The real problem, though, is the morning glory.  Yikes, that stuff grows fast and is quickly taking over the lawn (there’s still more lawn here, though, than we had at our house in Logan).  I was pulling some of that yesterday and it got me thinking . . .

You know the parable of the sower?  [See the explanation of this parable here.]  The seed that is sown among thorns represents those who hear the word, but are distracted by what the world has to offer (money, things, pride, in a nutshell: sin).  They hear the word, but it has no chance to take root and produce fruit because other things get in the way.

At least some sin, though, is something that can be good in the right context, but is harmful when it is misplaced (the same has been said about weeds, they are just flowers that grow in the wrong place).  [Side note: that concept is not a new one, but I can’t remember where I read it, so I can’t cite my source . . . sorry.]  For instance, fornication (sex outside of marriage) is sin, not because of what it is, but because of what it isn’t.  It isn’t in the right context, that is, between a husband and wife, so it is harmful (the same is true of any sexual sin).  Money in itself is not bad, but if it becomes more important than it should be (that is, more important than God, a.k.a. idolatry), then it becomes evil.  Note that in 1 Tim 6:10, Paul says that love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.  Money isn’t evil, it’s what we do (or don’t do) with it that is evil.  We are the evil ones; money is a neutral object (I learned that from Financial Peace University, a class I would recommend to everyone).

What is getting in the way of you producing fruit today?  Is your religion getting between you and a relationship with God?  Is it money?  A relationship?  Your kids or spouse?  What is holding you back today?  Put first things first.  If you get into a right relationship with God, you will see that the quality of your relationships can become better, your feelings about money will change, your feelings about others and yourself will change . . . take it from me, everything will change.  Take some time to get right with the God of the universe and see what He can do in your life today.  If you don’t know Him, ask me to introduce you.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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