When we all do our part

This week in my One-Year Bible reading plan I’ve been reading Nehemiah.  It’s one of those books of the Bible that could be really boring, what with the lists of people and all, but I learned something really interesting.  I learned what God can do when we are one in spirit (as we are told to be).  It isn’t actually a new lesson, but one of my favorite quotes from Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis is this, “We need to be reminded more often than we need to be instructed.”  So, that being said, here’s a reminder for us all.

In Nehemiah 3 (one of those lists of people that I mentioned), God tells us about how the Israelites who return from Babylon work together to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.  It doesn’t say that the builders work, it says everybody works to rebuild the wall.  The perfumers and the priests, men and women, leaders and servants.  They all worked together to rebuild the wall.  Not only that, but they completed the repairs in 52 days, which is a very short time when you consider that they had half of the people guarding against attacks throughout the day and the rest were carrying weapons while they worked.  Also, I have seen teams of people working with modern equipment take more than six months to build one house, but these people built the wall around an entire city in less than two months (admittedly they had a lot more people working on this than a typical home construction crew, but I think the point remains valid).

What are we, as God’s people, not doing because we don’t think we can?  How many things could we do if we worked together and trusted God to provide for His work?  From Phil 4:13 I know that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  How much more so when we work together for a common goal?


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