The Thing About Being An Open Book . . . (June 2007)

. . . is that people are more inclined to read you. And, the thing about having more people read you, is that they want to edit you and change you to match what is written in their book. Let me explain.

I’ve been having conversations with my co-worker about the differences in our beliefs. He is LDS and I am a born-again Christian. The conversations start out as just, “what do you believe about this?” and become, “but what about this? What about this? Haven’t you read this?”

I’m not God, so, not being God, I am not in the business of changing people’s hearts. I know that only God can do that. So, I talk to people about my faith, but not to convince them of anything or change their minds, just to present new possibilities, plant seeds. It seems, though, that whenever I do that, the person I’m talking to tries to start arguing and tries to change my mind about whatever it is that I am telling them I believe.

For instance, I told my co-worker something that I believe, he told me what he thought on the subject, I told him I disagreed because the Bible says nothing about whatever it was he was talking about, and his reply was, “well, what is faith?” as in, you should just have faith that what I’m saying is true. Pish Posh. He wanted me to have faith that what he believes was true, but not to have faith that what I believe was true. Now that is a contradiction if ever I heard one.

Don’t worry, though, my book is being rewritten, but by God, not by other books. Only one book can change my heart, and that is God’s Book, His Living Word. I will not be tossed about by the waves, but will stand strong on the Rock of my salvation. Praise the Lord that He is good and faithful and will bring to completion the work He began in me. And pray, for those whose names are not written on the palm of His hand that they will have soft hearts, open eyes, receptive ears and they will turn and be healed.


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